Joanne Hatzis


My unique value.

Joanne is a real estate professional with a Bachelor of Commerce in Real Estate from the University of Guelph. Her 5.5 years in the industry include diverse roles in asset management, property development, commercial and residential sales, and appraisal. Joanne's extensive network reflects her commitment to building connections. Joanne's love for real estate began at age 11 and has only deepened. She appreciates all types of real estate, from homes to investments, land, retail, and vacation properties. Outside of real estate, Joanne enjoys traveling, family time, and interior design. As an agent, Joanne strives to be a trusted advisor, providing high-quality research and education that empowers her clients to make informed decisions and remain competitive in today’s market. Her dedication, experience, and passion make her a standout professional in the real estate industry.



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