Anabela Bernardino

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1/17/20241 min read


Anabela Bernardino


Anabela Bernardino is a distinguished and accomplished Canadian citizen who has a global perspective and a multicultural background. Having spent her early years in Portugal and Africa, Anabela migrated to Canada in 1975. Her career has been diverse, spanning across different sectors. She worked for the Toronto Board of Education and aviation, where she had the opportunity to explore the world, fulfilling her early aspirations. However, the aviation industry suffered a significant downturn due to the first Gulf War in 1991, prompting Anabela to shift her focus to Real Estate. Leveraging her life experience, she has excelled in the Real Estate sector for over three decades by providing unmatched customer service to clients relocating for various reasons, such as career, security, or personal changes. In her latest endeavor,

Anabela joins the dynamic global agency Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices West Realty, combining her individual expertise with the agency’s expansive reach to deliver exceptional service to clients.